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Mailbag: Seeing Any Progression From Bohanna?


How has Quinton Bohanna looked at camp? Haven't heard a lot about him. Do you see any progression from his rookie season? – DARREN BELL / SIDNEY CENTER, NY

Nick: He looks big, I know that. But as for his play on the field, I wouldn't say he's stood out too much. Again, I've harped on this many times at camp, but interior players are always going to have a tough time making a noticeable difference. Seems like I've seen a play or two from him but nothing crazy. He is battling with John Ridgeway for snaps and for whatever reason, Ridgeway is standing out a little more, and he's playing more. But guess what, this is why we get to have preseason games. That's the beauty of them – if anything – is they allow us to see what the players do when the lights come on. I'm looking forward to seeing the D-line rotation and that certainly includes Bohanna in the middle.

Kyle: It'll be interesting to see how exactly he'll perform into the preseason as well, but he's off to a good start. He's been mixing in with different rotations on the defensive line while playing exclusively as the nose tackle (as expected). He's tipped a few passes at the line of scrimmage, stuffed the run, and at times provided pressure up the middle. It's tough to really separate his performance from John Ridgeway III in a similar role, but there has certainly been positive work. We'll see how that shifts into the preseason.

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