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Mailbag: Shaquem Griffin's Best Fit? Status Of Michigan's Maurice Hurst?



Does Michigan's Maurice Hurst being sent home from the combine due to heart condition remove him from the Boys' draft board or is he worth a late-round pick if still around?

Bryan:This isn't one or the other. He's going to the Cleveland Clinic and see a specialist. If the doctor there says he can play, then you can draft him. If the doctor is concerned about his health down the road, he doesn't play. Until the clubs that that information they will need to wait. 

Rob:Hard to say what any team's evaluation is right now until more information is determined about Hurst's reported heart condition. I'll say this: it's very unfortunate for the young man if it affects his NFL future, but regardless, having knowledge of the condition is a blessing for his long-term personal well-being.



If Shaquem Griffin ends up being a Dallas Cowboy, what would his best position be on the defense?

Bryan: I'd play him at WILL. Let him run to the ball and make plays. That's what he does at Central Florida. You could also use him in sub packages but not in coverage. Make him rush the passer. He will likely be one of your best special teams players. 

Rob:No matter where he plays, he's got a future in this league as a core special teams contributor, if not more. Good production in college. Unbelievable heart. And, as we saw in Indy, he's a terrific athlete.

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