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Mailbag: Should Cowboys Rest Romo Regardless Of Health?; O-Line Impact?

Should Tony Romo sit even if he is ready to go? We want him for a stretch run and sitting this week and the bye week would get him ready for the tough stretch.

Bryan: I am the worst guy to ask that question to because I believe that every game in this league is so important and to sit guys when they have a chance to play I think sends the wrong message to your team. I do understand your thought here but this team needs to win games and they need to win them now. I would not focus on Jacksonville's record here. They are better than their record and with Romo playing in this game you have a much better chance of winning and that is the most important thing.

Nick: No way. The Cowboys have to beat Jacksonville to get to 7-3 heading into the bye. Think about the difference between 6-4 and 7-3. I'm sorry but if you play Brandon Weeden again, I think the "tough stretch" starts immediately. No way do I sit Romo if he's ready to play. If he's not, then of course you sit him. But when you pay a QB $108 million like they have, he plays when he's healthy.

With all the talk of the struggles passing and running the ball, how much of an impact will having all the starters back on the offensive line make? I think that we should see a big improvement.

[embeddedad0]Bryan: It will surely help with the continuity of the offense. When this offense was really rolling it was those five starters that were providing the blocking upfront. This offense needs to get back to doing those things that will keep them ahead of the chains and make calling the game easier for Scott Linehan.  

Nick: I think you're right. We got a good question Wednesday night on the radio show about who will have the greater impact – the O-linemen or Romo. I said Romo but you're right, the linemen will certainly help. The continuity of having the five starters intact make all of the players better. I think Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick are just better with Leary playing between them. The same for Zack Martin having Free next to him. Yes, Jacksonville likes to be aggressive and blitz, but it also leaves holes to run and I think the Cowboys can exploit this week.

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