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Mailbag: Showers' Reps In Preseason? Darius Jackson's Roster Odds?

Last season, Dustin Vaughan played a majority of the preseason snaps and Jameill Showers only got a quarter or so. Will the same thing happen this preseason, where Prescott gets a majority of the snaps and Jameil is left with the third stringers?

Bryan: That situation was due in large part to having four quarterbacks in camp. I would like to believe that Showers is going to get more of an opportunity to show what he can do just because of having fewer numbers.

David:I'm positive Showers is going to get a bigger opportunity – if for no other reason than there's no one else. Tony Romo isn't going to play much in the preseason, and they aren't going to make Dak Prescott do everything. What I wonder about is whether they'll give Showers a chance to work with the starters, or relegate him to reserve duty.

With Ezekiel Elliott and Darren McFadden almost certainly not playing in the preseason opener, and Alfred Morris probably getting limited reps with the starters, it seems like Darius Jackson will get almost a full game's worth of reps.  Is it feasible for him to lock up a roster spot with a great first preseason game?

Bryan: I am not going that far. I really believe that Jackson needs to show that he can handle the workload at running back but also he can help them on special teams as well. If he's going to make this squad – that might be the most important thing he does.

David:If Jackson makes this team, I think it's going to take way more than one good outing to pull it off. There's simply too many talented, proven options above him on the depth chart. He needs to continually build upward throughout the preseason, with few setbacks. It also wouldn't hurt if he showed off some ability in special teams.


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