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Mailbag: Signing Morris Rules Out RB At No. 4? Drafting Tiebreaker?


When talking draft, we always hear about drafting the best player vs. drafting for need. What role does position "value" play in making the team's pick? If two players are equal in need and ranking, does their position play a role in which way the pick goes?

Bryan:The Cowboys work off two draft boards. One of the boards is set up by position by round which gives you a big picture look at the draft. The second board and what I feel like is the most important board is called "The Stack." This board is designed to take all your players on the draft board and rank them in the order you would take them, thus breaking any ties you might have and regardless of position.

Rob: I'll say this: need almost always factors into draft pick decisions. Like, 99.9 percent of the time. "Best player available" isn't a myth, but it usually isn't that simple. The draft is about selecting good players who can contribute and help your team. If there are two prospects with very similar board rankings, then the tiebreaker logically should be position need as well as position fit – how the player fits your particular offensive or defensive scheme.


With the addition of Alfred Morris, is it a done deal that the Cowboys go defense with their first pick in the draft? Aside from backup QB, nothing else seems like a major need on offense. On the other hand the defense needs a DE, DT, and depth at CB. Possibly could use a playmaking LB.

Bryan: This is a difficult question because you never know what the direction of the draft is going to be until it begins. If Cleveland doesn't take a quarterback and San Diego doesn't trade out of their pick, the Cowboys are going to be looking at all their quarterbacks on the board when it's their turn. From my experiences, quarterbacks tend to be graded higher on draft boards than other positions. With all the questions about these players at the top of the board, any number of offensive players such as Elliott, Treadwell or one of these quarterbacks could be in the mix – so don't rule an offensive player out until then.

Rob: I wouldn't say it's a done deal that the team goes defense in the first round. I do think signing Morris logically makes running back less likely at No. 4. I agree backup/developmental quarterback is the most logical offensive position need in the first round, but again, it all depends on what their draft board ends up telling them when they're on the clock.

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