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Mailbag: Similarities Between Dunbar & Whitehead? Free Agency Moves?

With Lance Dunbar's injury history and the close skill-set with Lucky Whitehead, could we see Whitehead bump Dunbar from the kick, punt, and third down duty and bump Dunbar from the 53-man roster?

Bryan:Well Dunbar is a free agent going into this offseason so whether he comes back or not is up to the front office. I do agree with you in getting Whitehead involved in more situations where he can handle the ball. He has proven to be dynamic when given those opportunities.

David: Well, Dunbar is a free agent this spring – so I think that's going to determine a lot about his future. It'll be interesting to see if his injury limits his market, and what type of price the Cowboys can keep him for. If Dunbar re-signs in Dallas, I like his odds of keeping a roster spot because of his versatility. Whitehead's future seems secure, but I'll be interested to see if the front office drafts a receiver to create competition.


Who is one impact free agent you could see Dallas pursuing this offseason?

Bryan: I am interested to see what happens with Eric Berry in Kansas City. It has been a dream of mine to see Berry paired with Byron Jones to teach him the ropes much like Darren Woodson did for Roy Williams. Adding Berry might also allow the front office to keep Jones at corner, which means that Barry Church could play down and Berry as the free. Like I said, probably just a dream.

David: It seems so early to break down individual free agents, but I just don't expect the Cowboys to be big-time spenders in free agency. It didn't work out for them the last time they did it – I'm sure you remember the Brandon Carr contract. Two smaller names who I think could help this defense are Prince Amukamara and Bruce Irvin. If the price is right for a guy like that, I'd say go for it.

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