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Mailbag: Slow Start To Free Agency? Indy's First-Round Cast Off?

Seems to me that Bjoern Werner got a raw deal in Indy.  They played him at OLB.  I watched some tape from Florida State and he was always a DE with his hand in the dirt.  Wouldn't he be a nice (probably very cheap) option to bring in and let him play his more natural position of DE for the Cowboys?

Bryan:I thought he was a limited player while he was at Florida State. One trick pony that could do nothing but rush the passer and wasn't always great at that.  I plan on taking a look at him, but there others that I would likely consider before.

David: I'm right there with you. This is exactly the type of player you'd expect to see the Cowboys take a look at. Think back to Rolando McClain, who just re-signed for 2016. Don't forget about Christine Michael and Charles Brown – high-profile draft picks who have signed here for cheap in recent history. The Cowboys love to buy low on talented prospects who haven't reached their potential. I think it'd make sense to look at Werner, but it's hard to say whether they will.

Why are we so inactive when it comes to free agency?  Other teams have already signed free agents; even if they were their own free agents. This inactivity gives Cowboys fans the impression that the front office doesn't want to add quality players to the roster to help improve the team.

Bryan:When Janoris Jenkins gets $12 million a year from a club – that's all you need to know about free agency. I watched Mario Williams get blocked down-after0down by the Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins -- $8.5 million for him. Are you really getting better here? Just because a player did it three years ago and has a name, don't get all worked up.  

David: I feel like we've tried our best to prepare y'all for the likelihood that the Cowboys won't be crazy spenders in free agency. They just-resigned McClain, which further emphasizes their desire to keep their own. We will see them add some talent to the roster, but it probably won't be the splashy type of move that gets people talking. The Cowboys want to build through the draft. Sorry if that bums you out.

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