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Mailbag: Smoothest Transition From College To Pro? Hoping For A Trade?

Which position do you think requires the least time to compete successfully in the pros right out of college? It seems that defensive linemen require a few seasons to compete successfully, while cornerbacks assimilate quicker. Or is it really dependent on the player?

Bryan: Running Back. Just look around the league and see how these first year players step in and have production. It's the one position where talent is more valuable than experience. 

David:I think it completely depends on the player in question. Just look at what Marcus Peters and Joey Bosa managed to accomplish during their first seasons in the league. That said, I'd have to say running back is probably the smoothest transition of all. You also see plenty of receivers adjust quickly to the next level.

Any chance the Cowboys are holding on to Tony in order to use him in a trade to Swap 1st Round picks with the Texans? Pick No. 28 to No. 25 is not that big a jump. Thoughts?

Bryan: Welcome to the party, Steve. I initially tried to swap spots with Denver six weeks ago. It makes the most sense and is the cleanest way to execute the trade. Team gets their QB and you get to select a better player without anyone using actual draft picks. By the way, the move to Denver at 20 would have been equivalent to a 3rd round selection. 

David:I think that's certainly something the Cowboys are hoping for. Obviously, they haven't been able to command much of a price to this point – or else they would've dealt him already. Maybe the draft will facilitate a deal, or maybe it won't. It all depends on how much another team wants Romo. The answer right now appears to be "not very much." Hopefully the approach of the draft frees up some room for negotiation.

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