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Mailbag: Sorting Out The RB Logjam? Did Showers Get A Fair Shake?

As skilled as the RB position seems to be this year, the question still remains, how many are they keeping and who?

Bryan: I have four running backs on this roster. I am going to keep Elliott, Morris, Dunbar and Jackson and keep McFadden on the Non-Football Injury list. What you need to remember about McFadden from last season was that he wasn't named the starter until after the fifth game. He's my ace in the hole after Week 6.

David:Throughout the summer, McFadden's situation has reminded me of Christine Michael in Seattle last year – not good enough to top the depth chart here, but good enough to command some type of price elsewhere. His injury makes it tricky, but I'd deal him for a fifth or sixth-round pick if I could. If not, I think it's a good bet he remains on NFI and works into the roster later in the season. Meanwhile, I'm not going to be surprised if the Cowboys carry four running backs and a fullback – which is a lot, I know. But they're very deep.

What happened to the fair competition at QB? Everyone is drinking the Dak Kool-Aid when he gets to run with the first string. The only thing Showers has run is for his life behind 2's & 3's. How about switching it around so we get a better idea of how both would do. Not sold on either but fair is fair.

Bryan: There is still a possibility that Jameill Showers makes this squad if they can't find the right type of backup. I don't disagree with you about the lack of help that he received this pre-season but let's be honest - Showers had a chance to secure a spot with his play and in my opinion, he didn't.    

David:Jason Garrett loves to say that it doesn't matter how you got onto the roster, it matters what you do after you get there. It's a great sentiment, but it's not true in a lot of cases. The Cowboys spent a valuable draft pick on Dak Prescott, and they signed Jameill Showers undrafted for pennies. They're going to give their draft pick every opportunity to succeed until he proves he's not worth it. Dak obviously took his opportunity and ran with it, and that hurt Showers' chances a bit. Life isn't fair sometimes. 


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