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Mailbag: Spence Worth The Risk At No. 34? Weighing Options At No. 4?

In recent weeks I've heard that Noah Spence's draft stock is dropping to the late first, early second round. Do you think if he falls to Dallas with the 34th pick they would take a chance on him? Personally I don't think they would because of the whole Randy Gregory fall out.

Bryan: Noah Spence is a player that the Cowboys have done extensive research on and with good reason. In my opinion he is the best pass rusher in the draft and worthy of first round consideration. The front office looks at these players with issues as a case by case – if Spence somehow manages to fall to 2-34 then by all means I think they consider the pick regardless of what happened with Randy Gregory in 2015.

David: It probably depends on what they'd do at No. 4. If the Cowboys draft Joey Bosa, I'm not sure they'd double-dip on Spence. But if he's there at No. 34, I think they'd be awfully tempted. He makes the pass rush better, and he helps offset the lack of faith in Randy Gregory.

So if both QB's and Jalen Ramsey are off the board, what do you think Dallas will do? If YOU had to make a pick and not trade down, who would you choose and why?

Bryan:Leaves you a choice of a quarterback, Laremy Tunsil, Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott. On my board I have Elliott, Tunsil, Lynch and Bosa in that order. If you are asking me who I would take – the running back would be my answer.   

David: In that scenario, I think the Cowboys would win up drafting Joey Bosa. He's an immediate starter and a big help to the pass rush. If I had to make the pick, I'd take Ezekiel Elliott. He would shape the identity of this team for the next five years, at least.


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