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Mailbag: Surprise Starters For This Year's Team? Future Return Specialist?


With OTA's coming up next week, then camp right around the corner, is there a player that can shock the fans and take over a starter's job?*

Bryan: I would keep an eye on Mark Nzeocha battling for that SAM linebacker spot. He has the perfect size and athletic ability to play the position. He is finally healthy and getting a full off season in the weight room will help him as well. I really like what I saw from him on college tape and his traits translate well in this scheme.

David: For starters, I think Charles Tapper has a great opportunity to win a starting job – though that's mainly because DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory are facing suspension. If you want a true shocker, how about Kavon Frazier or Rolan Milligan? If they're impressive in camp, perhaps they can steal the starting strong safety job from the veterans.

I have noticed over the years that we really have never had a great return specialist. Harris was ok not great and had fumble issues.  Do you believe Dallas will try to address this? If so who do you see as a possible candidate?

Bryan: I will disagree and say that Harris was great and he is missed. Where I will agree with you is that they need to address the situation. I am not a fan of Cole Beasley returning punts because I feel like he is too valuable for other responsibilities. What we need to see in these upcoming camps is how much they trust Lucky Whitehead because it was clear that they didn't all the time. Maybe Chris Brown, WR Notre Dame will get a shot as well.

David: I think your standards might be out of whack if you thought Harris was just an "ok" returner, but that's just my opinion. I would expect that Lucky Whitehead will have every opportunity to build on his momentum from last year. If he's not up to it, maybe a guy like Darius Jackson gets a shot. I wonder if Anthony Brown has any ability as a returner? That'd give him a larger role than just a reserve in the secondary.

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