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Mailbag: Surprised Weems Cleared Waivers? Looking At RB Pecking Order

Talent on the O-Line, especially at tackle, is hard to find in the NFL. Based on Weems' talent are you surprised that he cleared waivers and made it back to the practice squad and what does that say about him as a player that 31 other teams decided that they had something better?

David:One of the biggest things I've learned in my time around the league is that NFL coaches love "their" guys. That's not to say they'd keep a less talented player around if there was a better option. But coaches put a lot of value on how well a player knows and is comfortable within the system. The Cowboys feel that way, and I'm positive coaching staffs around the league feel that way. That might help explain why other teams opted to roll with "their" guys over taking a flier on Weems.

Rob: Weems has been in the league three years and has yet to appear in a regular season game. Based on his lack of experience, I don't know if it should be a surprise that he wasn't claimed or signed by another team. Jordan Mills, who was here a week, and new backup Charles Brown have multiple years of starting experience. The Cowboys chose experience in signing Brown, but they think enough of Weems to keep developing him on the practice squad.


Why is McFadden used so little? He is an explosive player, but obviously Randle is doing something to be the starter. Is Randle a better blocker? I'm just curious to why McFadden is not the starter because almost every time I see him touch the ball he makes a huge play when it is there.

David:Is it really fair to say he's been used "so" little? They've played one game – a game in which they had to throw the ball in the second half to have a chance at winning. I really doubt having Tony Romo throw 45 times is the ideal blueprint for victory, but circumstances dictated it. I fully expect the running game to feature more in the weeks to come, and I expect Randle and McFadden to play a role in that.

Rob: I've seen explosiveness from McFadden, too, and maybe that's a product of having Randle work on defenses early before bringing in a fresh McFadden and using him in a way that keeps him fresh. At least, that appears to have been the plan so far. Against the Giants they never really went back to McFadden in the second half because of the score. I thought Randle ran hard, did a solid job blocking and was effective in the passing game. We need to give it more than one game to see how things shake out. I still think both guys are going to get chances.

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