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Mailbag: Surviving Without Zeke? Who Replaces Him On The Roster?

Will Zeke heading to the suspended list, who do you guys see taking the roster spot until the suspension is up?

Bryan: I was told this morning that they were talking about that and no decision was yet to be determined. I wouldn't be surprised if they brought up the newly-added defensive tackle Joe Vellano, because he's a bigger body than Lewis Neal and more suited for nose tackle. They could also recall Kellen Moore, as well. 

David:Considering that Tyron Smith is dealing with several injuries, and Chaz Green has his own injury history to consider, I wonder if they'd consider bringing up an offensive lineman. Kadeem Edwards is on the practice squad and could provide some emergency depth at tackle if need be.


With so much of the offensive production going through Zeke, please convince us laymen why losing Zeke won't be like losing Romo in 2015.

Bryan: I really can't. I am with you, as 33 percent of the offense is with him. Touchdowns and blitz pickups as well. Not to mention the 90 percent of the time that he converts on third/fourth in short yardage situations. I don't see this loss as easily replaced. 

David:I'm not trying to tell you that Zeke is easily replaced. But the difference between quarterback and running back should be obvious. Every single facet of the offense runs through the quarterback's decision-making. If Dak Prescott is playing well and the offensive line is hitting its blocks, I truly think the Cowboys should be able to run the ball just fine. Zeke Elliott is a great player, but quarterback is the most important position in the game. If Dak is playing well, I think the offense can work its way through this.

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