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Mailbag: Switching Lawrence To The Right Side? What Does Butler Bring?

It was so sad seeing Gregory go down with the high ankle sprain, but what do you think about Demarcus Lawrence? You can see how much he's bulked up since last year and it looked like he had a solid game against the Giants. Do you think the staff will do more to put him in pass rushing situations where they were planning to use Gregory?

Bryan: I was thinking earlier about the possibility of Lawrence getting some rushes in the nickel from right defensive end with Jack Crawford taking his place on the left side. That would still allow them to use Jeremy Mincey down inside at defensive tackle. There is no doubt that this Gregory loss in going to hurt for a time being, but they can work around it.

David:If you think back to last season before Lawrence got injured, he was supposed to team with Mincey at right defensive end. So I do think they could use him there if they feel they need to. What I'm wondering is, with the depleted numbers, what does this mean for Ryan Russell. Is he ready to play a role on a game day?



Trading for another WR, does that mean Coach Garrett has no confidence in the remaining WRs?  Is it better to run with a three TE Offense and solely rely on the run game?*

Bryan: It's not a lack of confidence because you need an option for the next several weeks while Bryant is out. You can't let the loss of one player take you out of running your offense. I believe that you will see Williams, Witten, Beasley and Dunbar all get opportunities to make up for those 6 to 8 catches a game you get from Bryant. They will spread the load out to make this work.  

David:I don't think it's so much a lack of confidence as it is a lack of numbers. Butler has NFL experience and he's got the size and physical stature that the Cowboys' lack without Dez. I'm not even confident that they'll let him play right away, but they need to have the numbers.

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