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Mailbag: This Year's Dak? Comparing Draft Grades Across Positions?

Do you see a QB coming out in the draft this year that you expect to be a mid-round selection that, with the right system, has the potential to be a starter this year?

Bryan: The guy I like from film study is Nate Peterman from Pittsburgh. Guy would be a good scheme fit on mobility and he's played from underneath center. Don't know if he ends up in Dallas but feel like someone is going to get a pretty good quarterback when selected. 

David:There's no doubt in my mind that this year's quarterback class isn't as deep as last year's. Dak was the seventh quarterback taken in last year's class, but I think he'd be the third or fourth one off the board this year. With that in mind, I don't know that there's a mid-round guy I like – but man, I'd be a fan of drafting Deshaun Watson if I was a quarterback-needy team.

If you're drafting according to "best available player" and not for need, how do you grade players as dissimilar as cornerbacks and linemen to determine who's best?

Bryan: I have always believed that quarterback is your most important position then guy who gets the quarterback on the ground would be next. I rank the positions accordingly after those two spots. 

David:This question takes me back to the NFL Combine, when Stephen Jones acknowledged an inconvenient truth about the drafting process. Obviously, you want to grade all your prospects as similarly as possible – but I don't think you can avoid the fact that need takes precedence. If the Cowboys have a receiver and a defensive end graded similarly, for instance, it's only logical that they'd lean with the position they need more. 

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