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Mailbag: Thoughts On A Potential Johnny Manziel Signing? Noah Spence?


With the likely release of Johnny Manziel in March, what are the chances Dallas signs him to a one-year deal, or at least to try for the backup QB position?*

Bryan: If you just study the tape from the games that Manziel played in this previous season – you would give him a chance just off that. What this front office has to consider is that he sat in the middle of the first round on their board just two years ago. Knowing Jerry Jones' background, he tends to follow the Al Davis approach when it comes to evaluating former first-round talent. There was a reason the player was taken at that spot and if available he feels he owes it to himself to investigate if that player can help his team. I feel that it's a strong possibility that we do see Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffith III here if and when their clubs decide to part ways with them.

David:A month ago, I would have been champing at the bit to get Johnny Manziel to Dallas. He's a talented option that spares the Cowboys from having to spend an expensive draft pick on a quarterback. But now? After he's had multiple off-field incidents just in the last month? He snuck off to Las Vegas when he was supposed to be rehabbing an injury, and he had a run-in with Fort Worth police just last weekend. I'm not sure what Manziel has shown that proves he's dependable enough to be this team's backup quarterback. That won't stop the Cowboys from doing their due diligence. And given Jerry Jones' fascination with him, they may even sign him if he becomes available. But given the events of the past month, I have a hard time believing it'd be a good idea.



If Noah Spence of Eastern Kentucky is the best pass rusher in the draft how does he compare with DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory coming out of college? Is he a first-round consideration for us?*

Bryan: In my opinion, Noah Spence is a better pure pass rusher than DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory. As far as being a guy that can play the run and rush the passer – Lawrence is a much better option. I wasn't as high on Gregory coming out as others were but with that being said, he is better than I thought he was. The only question about Spence is that with his documented use of drugs – will he be a BOX player for the Cowboys? The front office will tell you it's a case-by-case situation and to their credit they have been very consistent with that approach. There is no question that if Noah Spence was added to this defensive line rotation he would make an immediate impact to the pass rush.

David:Having watched Spence for five days at the Senior Bowl, there's no doubt he's an extremely talented pass rusher. I would guess he'd have a similar role as Gregory did in his rookie year – an undersized pass rusher who's utilized in obvious passing situations. My concern for Spence, like Bryan mentioned, is whether his issues with drugs will keep him off the Cowboys' board. Given Jason Garrett's emphasis on the "right kind of guy," I have a hard time thinking they'd take him at No. 4 overall – and I have a harder time believing he'd be there at No. 34.aving watched

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