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Mailbag: Thoughts On The New Uniform Combo? Anthony Hitchens' Future?

I really liked the blue jersey, white pant combination used in the game against the Giants. Do you think they will use this again in the future?

Bryan:  I liked it, too, and that's coming from a guy who has been with this team since 1972. It sounded like ownership liked it, as well, so hopefully we will see it again. It's a really clean look.

David: I thought it looked awesome, and I don't see why they wouldn't. This team is big on tradition, so I wouldn't look for it to replace the classic white uniform any time soon. But I'd like to see that combination once or twice per year.

Anthony Hitchens is playing very well this season - a contract year. With Jaylon Smith improving each week and playing the same position, do the Cowboys re-sign Hitchens?

Bryan: I said on Twitter on Monday that I thought he would walk and just for the reason you gave -- Jaylon Smith. Everyone was pointing to 2018 as his year, so I could see him getting that first shot at the job. As much as everyone loves Hitchens I just don't see them being able to afford him. 

David: At this point, I wonder if the Cowboys will be able to afford Anthony Hitchens. He's putting together a fantastic season, with roughly 80 tackles in only nine games this year. The knee injury that forced him out of the first five weeks of the season will probably knock him out of Pro Bowl consideration. But I truly believe he is playing at that level. It's going to be interesting to see what kind of price he can command, because I imagine it'll be somewhat hefty.

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