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Mailbag: Tight End Option In Round 2? Andy Jones' Potential At Receiver?


I recall Andy Jones being mentioned quite a bit last training camp. We fans haven't heard much about Jones after he was stashed on the practice squad. Given the reports about Rico Gathers' improvement on the practice squad, I was wondering if the same could be said of Andy Jones? And if so, does Andy Jones have a shot at the No. 2 wide receiver job if Terrance Williams is not re-signed?

Nick:That would be quite a jump. Let's just get on the team first. Usually, guys on the practice squad for a year have a tough time even making the team. So, having him make the leap all the way to No. 2 is a massive stretch. Right now, I think he's got an outside shot to make the team but that's as far as I'm going to push it. Like you, we really haven't seen him do anything for a while either. I think he's a good, solid receiver but lack of speed was the issue last year and I'll be interested to see if that has improved.

Bryan: Andy Jones was productive on the practice squad but where he's really going to need to improve is with his speed. This offseason will be huge for him. How well he works in the weight room will make or break him this summer.


Freakish class at the Combine. Regarding Jake Butt, since Dallas took a chance on an injured player in the second round last year, could you see them do the same with Butt in the second this year, providing they don't select a tight end in the first?

Nick: The Cowboys do seem to like injured players in the second round so that's not off base. And they've been a fan of drafting second-round tight ends. So you might be on to something here. But, something tells me a talented player isn't going to fall to the end of the second round just because of a knee injury. He will fall some but maybe not that far.

Bryan: Jake Butt should be a consideration in the second round. In visiting with him at the Combine his knee rehab is actually ahead of schedule so all teams have to be encouraged by that. 

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