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Mailbag: Timeline For Restricted Free Agents? Importance Of Jack Crawford?

What is the status of Ron Leary's restricted tender?  What is the probability Ron Leary will be traded (draft pick or veteran player), since he will be an unrestricted free agent next year?

Bryan:There are two reasons they made the offer to Leary. I think the first reason was having a quality backup if something were to happen to one of the starters at guard and that way the offense doesn't miss a beat. The last reason would be to potentially trade him for something of value. That part of the equation is more risky given the history of Leary's knee condition pre-draft and now with a couple of years of wear-and-tear on him. My guess if there is a market for him it would be after the draft for a selection in 2017.

David:The deadline for restricted free agents to sign their offer sheets is April 22, so Ron Leary and Jeff Heath will likely wait two more weeks before they officially re-join the roster. I'm intrigued by the possibility of dealing Leary, but I wonder if the knee issue that kept him from getting drafted would limit his trade value.

How important was it that the team re-signed Jack Crawford? Do you still see the team drafting another lineman to help address and solidify the DL position?

Bryan:I can see them continuing their pursuit of Jason Jones from the Lions and working the draft board. They are bringing guys in like Joey Bosa, Kevin Dodd and Shaq Lawson – so they are still hunting. It's all about the rotation and the quality bodies you throw at it.

David:I said before free agency opened that I thought he should be a priority, so I'm honestly pretty stunned it took a month for him to get a deal. He's not going to be a starter for this team, but he's a hard-working and valuable member of the rotation. I'm still not sold on the defensive line, but I think this signing frees them up to consider other options at the top of the draft. 

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