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Mailbag: Timetable For Adding A RB?; Surprising Upsets On The Schedule?

How long into the OTA's and/or training camp will the Cowboys go before they decide they need to go bring in another running back? What will be the deciding factor(s)? At this level, how long do you wait?

Bryan: If they make any moves at running back I believe that we will see it before we leave for Oxnard, but with that being said I have been on staffs before where we made a deal during the first week of camp. This front office is usually proactive when it comes to their moves so I am going to say more likely sooner than later.

David:I get the impression that they're going to use these three weeks of practices to get a feel for what they have on the roster before they make any more moves – that goes for more than just running back. It's hard to say what the deciding factor will be, but I'd have my eye on how they handle the playbook and pick up their assignments. If they move to add another running back, I'd guess it happens in July before the team leaves for camp.


Now that Dallas will be playing the Patriots without Tom Brady I see the Packers on the road as our toughest game. What game looks like a "win" now but could be a huge upset?

Bryan: I am not so sure that they are going to miss Brady but to answer your question there are not many folks that like what the Redskins have done and are picking them to finish last in the division. Even if they are struggling on Dec. 7th – to me this is a game that could easily be lost.

David:If Jameis Winston delivers on the hype, then I'd expect Tampa Bay to be a tough out this season. The Buccaneers added Winston to go with Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans, and they've bulked up their offensive line. They also have quality defenders like Lavonte David and Alterraun Verner. If you remember back to 2012, Robert Griffin III inherited a 5-11 Redskins team and led them to 10-6 with two wins against Dallas. I won't be surprised if Winston has a similar effect in Tampa, so keep an eye on that Nov. 15 roadtrip. 

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