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Mailbag: Timetable For Church & Mo? Why Not Keep Romo For 2017?

If some of the team's pass rush problems are a result of a lack of coverage, what are the timetables for Church and Claiborne's return?

Bryan: Church will play against Minnesota but there is no timetable for Claiborne. I feel that the coverage problems is due more to playing Pittsburgh and Washington. Both quarterbacks are outstanding and they have talented players on the outside. It was not going to be easy with a pass rush.

David:Barry was a full participant for Sunday's practice, which is a good omen for his availability against the Vikings. Based on what we know about Mo's injury, it's hard to imagine him coming back in the near future. This is purely me speculating, but I think the earliest we might see Claiborne back on the field is Dec. 26 against Detroit.

I see everyone saying Tony Romo won't be back next year, but why is that? We paying Dak fourth round money, so essentially we would be paying top quarterback money for two quarterbacks.  What is the harm in keeping Tony for the next couple of years?

Bryan: Paying a quarterback over 20 million to sit on the bench is not wise cap management, especially when you could use that money to sign several of your current players that will be free agents.

David:Not only is it bad cap management when you consider that you could save upward of $10 million by moving Romo – but I also think it would sour the organization's relationship with him moving forward. The Cowboys opted to build toward the future. Romo thinks he can start and wants to play again before retiring. Keeping Romo on the bench in Dallas and sacrificing the final years of his career would be an awful thing to do to one of this franchise's greatest players, in my opinion.

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