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Mailbag: Titans Trading Up To No. 4 For Tunsil? Possible QB Trade?

Could you see the Titans trading their 15th pick, 43rd pick and their 76th pick to the Cowboys for their fourth pick in the draft if Laremy Tunsil is still at No. 4?  And if so, would it be worth it for the Cowboys to make that trade?

Bryan: By all rights you should ask their No. 33 pick and their No. 76 because with your trade, you are short. I honestly would hold them up for No. 43 and No. 45. If anyone knows the price of moving up, it's the Titans. Make them have to pay to make this deal. They will still be in their range to grab a first round player on their board if they make this trade. I think you would have to consider.

David:I have a hard time believing Tennessee would make a trade of this magnitude to draft Tunsil at four, considering that guys like Jack Conklin and Taylor Decker are available at a much cheaper price. Of course, Tunsil is the cream of the crop. But I don't think they'd want to part with that many premium picks.

With the Rams trading up for the first pick, could you see the Cowboys trading a late-round pick  for a QB like Nick Foles that could be a valued backup and future starter?

Bryan:I don't see them doing that. His cap number this season is $8.5 million and that's yours if you trade for him. Foles likely views himself as starter and if a trade does take place, I am almost positive that he would ask them to deal him to a team where he can do that. This team will draft a quarterback to go along with Kellen Moore, who the coaches love.

David:I can't see Foles winding up here unless he agreed to take a massive paycut. On top of that, even though the Rams are drafting a quarterback No. 1 overall, why wouldn't they want to keep an experienced veteran around as insurance – not to mention competition? I'm guessing the Cowboys' next quarterback is joining this team via the draft, either in the first, second or third round.

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