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Mailbag: Too Much Blame On The Defense? Failure To Replace Murray?

Am I the only one that thinks this defense improved from last year, despite the team's 2-7 record? In the Eagles game, our offense was not the greatest, leaving the D out there, which played right into the hands of Chip Kelly. The defense kept us in games when the offense barely could. Am I the only one thinking the defense improved despite low turnovers, given the circumstances?

Bryan:Rick – I totally agree with you. This offense has left this defense in some terrible spots in games. Other than the Atlanta game, they never could get a double-digit lead, and if they had then maybe this defense wouldn't have had to make stops at the end of the games when they had been doing the majority of the day. Three out of the last five games this offense didn't score a touchdown, so you are asking this defense to almost play perfect – no shot there.

David:If it were paired with a more competent offense these last eight weeks, I think this defense would be enjoying a much more successful season, turnovers or not. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case. The effort has been there for the most part, but this group can't make any plays and they seem to fade down the stretch. A lot of that goes hand-in-hand with the offense, but it still reflects poorly on the defense at the end of the day.

Randle, McFadden, Dunbar, Williams, Johnson, Michael, Turbin, Smith and more. Looks like a lot of confusion in the coaching staff and a clear statement: "Ok, we did a terrible mistake letting DeMarco go." I agree with Michael Irvin. The 'Boys lost not only a key player, they lost chemistry!

Bryan:Well, Murray could have accepted their offer and stayed. The mistake they made was not drafting a running back – that's the one that, when they look back on this season, will be there biggest mistake. They drafted Randy Gregory and Chaz Green in two spots where they could have gone running back and didn't. If you want to throw blame – throw it at them for that and not re-signing Murray.

David:I don't think anyone in this organization would deny that they'd rather have DeMarco Murray. I also don't think anyone in this organization would be willing to pay the price tag. That's what this was always about – money. Even with the uncertainty at running back, I think the Cowboys did the right thing by not giving Murray a massive contract. Where they went wrong was when they didn't put more effort into re-stocking the position after Murray left town. I bet they won't make that mistake this spring.


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