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Mailbag: Trading Back In The First? Still Concerned About Right Tackle?

Since this is such a deep defensive draft, and the quality from pick 28 to say 40 is eerily similar, wouldn't it make sense this year for Dallas to trade, assuming there is a team looking to hop back into the first round, into the first part of the second round to secure more picks this year to fill our defensive needs?

Bryan: Some people believe there are going to be a lot of trades because of the depth of the draft, but I don't agree. If a player at 40 is the same as 28 why would I want to give you a pick? I think teams are just going to sit in there and make picks. There really is no reason to move if the players are the same. 

David:I'd be happy to trade back if it could net me an extra third-round pick – similar to the deal the Cowboys did with the Redskins for DeMarcus Lawrence back in 2014. As always, that requires a trade partner. It also requires a player with high value to fall. The Cowboys' best bet for that scenario is if one of these quarterbacks slips. Let's say DeShone Kizer falls to No. 28 and the Chicago Bears want to trade up for him, from No. 36. I'm all in on that strategy if the Bears are down to give up pick No. 67.

Has the signing of Byron Bell lessened the importance of finding a right tackle in the draft for the Cowboys, barring the discovery of a Tyron Smith-like prospect among the class?

Bryan: Bell is a good player -- not a great one. I wouldn't be surprised to see him playing at left guard and they try see what La'el Collins can do at tackle. What you really need is Chaz Green to stay healthy and win the job which allows Cooper, Looney and Bell to be backups. 

David:It's never a good idea to focus on the immediate future in the draft. Yes, Byron Bell lessens the immediate need for a tackle, because the Cowboys now have three guys who can play the position – Bell, La'el Collins and Chaz Green. But Bell is on a one-year deal, and Collins is only under contract for one more year, while Green has obvious injury issues. Tackle isn't as big of a need as it was a week ago, but it still wouldn't be a bad idea to address it.


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