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Mailbag: Trading For Pass Rush Help? New Deal For Travis Frederick?

If the Cowboys go through training camp and the pass rushers don't pan out as they'd like, do you think they go and trade for someone who can help?  More importantly and realistically, do you think there is any DE of good value that we could trade for and help this team?

Bryan:I have said all along that if they get through the second preseason game and things aren't working out that they would trade for some help. Just going through the rosters in the league – there is some potential help if teams are willing to part with them. Dallas has players, picks and a claiming spot that can all be a factor in adding players.

David:I think that's certainly a possibility, but I'd temper my expectations. How often do you see a blockbuster trade at the tail end of training camp? At best, I think you might see the Cowboys give up a mid-round draft pick or a player for a pass rusher with upside – think along the same lines as the trade that landed Christine Michael in Dallas last September. I won't be surprised if they add help somehow, but I don't think it's going to be a jaw-dropping move like some fans are asking for.

With Travis Frederick's contract ending after this season and knowing Zack Martin will cost a pretty penny in a few years, what are the chances of us keeping the big three on the offensive line in the future?

Bryan:Stephen Jones said it the other day, you have to allocate your cap dollars the right away in order to have any continued success. I believe that they will attempt to get all their linemen under contract but if it doesn't work out then you go out and draft like you did before. My gut feeling is that we see Martin and Collins done before Frederick – that's just my own feeling.

David:Stephen Jones said on Friday that he plans on talking to Frederick's representatives during training camp, but it sounds like a tall order. Frederick will undoubtedly want to be paid like one of the best centers in football – if not the best. Alex Mack just made $45 million this past offseason. And, as you mentioned, the Cowboys also have to worry about Zack Martin and La'el Collins needing new deals in the future. It's not impossible, but I think it's going to be a big challenge to keep this group together beyond the next two years.


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