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Mailbag: Trading Future Picks In This Draft?; First-Round Scenarios?

If the board shows the opportunity to draft a CB, RB and pass rusher all in the first two rounds this year, is it worth trading next year's first or second round pick to do so? The Romo/Witten window's closing quickly after all, and right now we only have Dez for this year and next on franchise tags. Thoughts?

Bryan: I have been in that room with Jerry Jones when he didn't have a first round selection and it was no fun. The only player that I would consider giving next year's one for would be Todd Gurley – so I don't see that happening. I think they could make some small moves and still add players to the club that would help you open that window a little wider in the coming years.

David: When you get into a conversation about trading future picks, you run the risk of mortgaging your long-term future over one player. I hate the idea. The risk that the player won't pan out is too high, and of course there's always the uncertainty of the season. What if Romo gets hurt in 2015 or the team takes a step back and misses the playoffs, and  you don't have a first-round draft pick to add to your roster next year? I wouldn't want to do it. "Trust the process," as Jason Garrett would love to say.



Cowboys on the clock at 27. Melvin Gordon, Kevin Johnson and Shane Ray are there. Who do you pick?*

Bryan: I would take Kevin Johnson myself because he has a first round grade on my board. I am okay with the other players but I have a feeling that I could get a runner and defensive end in the 2nd and 3rd rounds that I would be just as happy with.

David: I'm taking Kevin Johnson, and I'm not even thinking that hard about it. Gordon is great, but there's value to be had at running back later on. Shane Ray comes with character concerns and injury concerns, which isn't worth the risk, in my opinion. Johnson would be one of this team's top three corners from Day 1 and could do a lot to help improve the secondary. 

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