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Mailbag: Trading To Improve The Roster? Interest In Eric Decker?

Would you trade Dez for a "war daddy" defensive end? Maybe Ziggy Ansah, Mario Addison, or Olivier Vernon? Perhaps even Leonard Williams? Nothing against Dez, he's a great receiver. But I believe one of those guys would bring more value to the defense and the team than he does to the offense.

Bryan: I like the idea of giving up good for good, because that's what it's going to take. It's hard moving big contracts due to cap concerns but not impossible. This team uses the Seattle model – several guys with five or six sacks each instead of one with 12. I am willing to see if guys like Lawrence, Tapper, Charlton, Irving and Mayowa can do that. 

David:Firstly, I'd rather not get rid of Dez, because he's an integral part of this team's culture, and because he can be plenty valuable for an offense that is going to see a lot of loaded fronts thanks to Ezekiel Elliott. But on top of that, I wonder how much the Cowboys could even expect to get for him. He's turning 29, he has a huge contract, and he has battled injuries the last two years. I have a feeling those factors would severely affect his market. So with all that in mind, that's really not something I'm interested in doing.

With his recent release, is Eric Decker worth a look?  He had great stats in Denver, not so much in NY...could that be because of the difference of who was simply throwing the ball to him from one team to the other, or a sign he's not that guy anymore?

Bryan: If there was no Terrance Williams on this squad, I could see a need. They are willing to see what they have with Butler, Noah Brown and Andy Jones before they do anything. 

David:Like we always say, I just don't think that fits the Cowboys' current M.O. They've got an All-Pro No. 1 in Dez, and they have a No. 2 they think the world of in Terrance Williams. Throw in the other options, like Brice Butler, and my guess is the front office doesn't see the need. I'm not saying you have to agree with their assessment of the talent on hand – but they're the ones making the decisions. Younger, homegrown guys tend to get the nod here over older, outside free agents. That's been the case for several years.

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