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Mailbag: Trading Up For A Receiver? Most Valuable Player In The Draft?



Say the Cowboys select a linebacker in the first round.  What would it take for them to trade up for one of Indy's picks at 36 or 37 to possibly select DJ Moore?  Also, do you see Moore still being available or already taken before then?

Bryan: In our mock draft we had him going to Carolina in the first. If you want to get to Indianapolis, you'd have to part with your third-round pick, which is an overpay -- but try and work something coming back from them to equal out the deal. It's possible to do but will take some discussion. 

David: If the Cowboys don't take a receiver at No. 19, it's reasonable to think they'll have to trade up to get the guy they want. I don't know if D.J. Moore will fall that far, but I could imagine Courtland Sutton or D.J. Chark going in that range. They'd likely have to give up pick No. 81 to get up into that part of the draft, so they'd better feel confident about the guy.



Out of all the first round picks, if there was one player, hypothetically, who would you give up two first round (or a first and second round) picks for?

Bryan: My favorite player in the draft is Quenton Nelson out of Notre Dame. I just have the feeling he's going to have a similar career path to Zack Martin. He's just too powerful and athletic not to believe that will happen. 

David:If I'm giving up that much in a trade, it had better be for a quarterback. That's the only position in the game that's valuable enough to justify that type of deal. And if I was trading up for a quarterback, personally, I'd do that for Josh Rosen. I think he's the perfect blend of size, arm strength, intelligence and charisma. When it's all said and done, I think he's going to be the most successful of these first-round quarterbacks.

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