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Mailbag: Trading Up For The No. 1 Pick? Moving Byron Jones To CB?

Myles Garrett made a video asking Jerry Jones to trade Tony Romo and some draft picks to Cleveland so the Cowboys could draft him. That probably won't happen. However, I would like to know what would the Cowboys have to give up if they wanted the first pick in the draft?

Rob: "Probably won't happen" is probably putting it lightly. Remember when the Saints traded their entire draft, plus a couple extra picks, to move up seven spots and take Ricky Williams? Well, considering the Cowboys are all the way back at 28, hypothetically a move like that would likely require at least an entire draft's worth of picks. Just can't imagine something like that happening. The Cowboys value their picks because they know the draft is the lifeblood of a franchise, particularly in the salary cap era.

David:This is the analogy I like to use. Last year, the Rams gave up Picks No. 15, 43, 45 and 76, as well as their first and third-round picks for 2017, to get up to No. 1. And they were jumping up from No. 15 – not No. 28. So to pull that off, the Cowboys would basically have to double it. Given how late they pick this year, the Cowboys could give up their entire draft to get to No. 1, and they'd still probably be short. So now you're talking about giving up all of this year's picks, as well as picks from next year. Basically what I'm saying is that trying to execute that trade would be absolute lunacy.

Seeing that our defensive line and maybe our safety position will be top priorities. Our corners haven't been healthy and we may lose Brandon Carr and maybe Morris Claiborne. Would it be easier to move Byron Jones back to corner and pair him with Anthony Brown? At least these two guys seem to stay heathy.

Rob: I think the Cowboys feel Jones is best suited in his center field role and covering tight ends, rather than being on an island against quick receivers. His range and awareness at safety last year helped the defense cut down on the number of big plays they allowed in 2015.

David:Points to you for thinking outside the box. It's nice to know that Byron can play corner in a pinch, as we've seen over the course of his career. But I'd much rather give him time to settle in and use his athleticism at safety, rather than shuffle him off to a new spot. Orlando Scandrick and Anthony Brown give you a solid duo at corner. If it were up to me, I'd address the position responsibly in free agency and then try to spend a premium draft pick to shore things up for the future.

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