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Mailbag: Trading Up From No. 4? Interest In Big-Money Cornerbacks?

Is Jalen Ramsey worth trading up for to ensure he is in our secondary for the 2016 season?

Bryan: I am willing to sit and wait to see what happens. I am a big fan of Ramsey, but I am also a fan of other players at that spot. If you were to make that jump you would have to go to Cleveland at No. 2 and I don't see them doing anything other than holding you up for more picks and I am not interested in going that route.  

David:There isn't a player on this draft board you could convince me to trade up for – not even a quarterback. At No. 4, you're guaranteed to have your pick of several of this draft's elite talents. It might not be Ramsey, but some who is very highly-rated will fall to them at No. 4. There's no sense in giving up picks in that spot.


Since the Rams are leading towards tagging Trumaine Johnson, do you think the Cowboys will make a push for Janoris Jenkins?

Bryan: I don't believe so. When Jenkins was coming out in the draft, this front office had him off the board – so I am not sure things have changed for him in their eyes? They like to do things case by case here. He is also a press man corner that tends to gamble in coverage and that is not a fit for them here.  

David:On top of what Bryan said, just consider the price for second. Reports have indicated that Jenkins turned down a five-year, $45 million deal to stay with the Rams. He knows how many teams have money to blow, and he knows he can get himself paid extravagantly. The Cowboys have a decent amount of cap space, but it would be a mistake to get into a bidding war over that kind of contract.

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