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Mailbag: Update On Charles Tapper? Drafting The Best Player Available?


One of the players that seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle since Taco Charlton was drafted is Charles Tapper. It seems like he was starting to flash some talent before his injury. What's his status and potential for next season?

Rob:Spoke to Tapper in December and he was in good spirits, looking forward to getting back to work in the offseason coming off foot surgery. It's unfortunate that injuries have really limited him in his first two seasons. I've always been intrigued by his quick first step as a pass rusher. A little like Charlton, balance and leverage are important for him in finishing plays.

David: Stephen Jones said at the Senior Bowl that the Cowboys don't have any injuries that will hold them out of training camp, so I'd expect that Tapper will be ready in plenty of time. As for his potential — we've seen what he can do when he's healthy, it's just that it hasn't happened often. I'll be interested to see what he can do in Year 3, but I wouldn't let it stop me from drafting pass rush help.


Do you guys believe the Cowboys are in a position this year to draft the best player available? I feel like we have to go WR or TE and Christian Kirk or Dallas Goedert would be great fits. What are your thoughts?

Rob: First of all, Gig 'Em. The 'best player available' thing is sort of a myth, in my opinion. Need always factors in at some level. However, you look across this roster and there aren't many positions where you say, they don't need help there. So maybe it applies more so this year. Kirk will be a productive receiver in this league. I just have no idea what his draft range is at this point.

David: As we've learned over the years, the caveat really should be "best player available with need." I can't imagine the Cowboys drafting a running back 19th overall. But as for receiver or tight end, I could absolutely see that. It depends on how the board falls, but if those are the best options I'd absolutely pull the trigger.

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