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Mailbag: Update On Rico Gathers' Progress? Drafting Smaller WRs?


From what I saw of Rico Gathers in the preseason, I was really excited to see what he would be able to bring once the season started. Not sure what type of concussion Rico sustained, but what is his status? He is a real game changer. How is his health going forward?

Bryan: It was more than a concussion. He suffered jaw and neck injuries as well. It was like being in a car accident with whiplash. At the end of the season he was starting to work with athletic trainers Britt Brown and Jim Maurer and the weight staff. I believe we'll see him as part of the OTAs and minicamps with the hope of being ready for training camp.

Rob: Like Bryan said, this was a serious facial injury that involved more than just a standard concussion. It's disappointing for him, because he was starting to show what he could do as a pass-catcher in preseason. There are so many things the Cowboys ask their tight ends to do in the offense, Gathers still has work to do in order to round out his game. But he should be back to work when the offseason program gets rolling.


Over the past few weeks, more and more people want new wide receivers. The Cowboys have been mocked to a lot to guys like Christian Kirk, D.J. Moore and Anthony Miller. With Ryan Switzer being drafted last season, I don't understand the reason for drafting another small receiver. Are people looking for another slot guy or can those three players win outside?

Bryan:All can play outside. I suggest that you listen to The Draft Show each week to get a better idea what these guys can do. This team could use a talent like anyone of these players. They need route runners that can separate and these guys can do just that.

Rob: I'll defer to our resident draft expert on two of the three, but as a proud Aggie, I did watch just about every game Kirk played in college. He can play anywhere and he's got terrific speed and quickness. Where he'll fall in the draft remains to be seen, of course. Long way to go in that process.

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