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Mailbag: Updating Charles Tapper? Concerned About Middle Linebacker?

Charles Tapper was supposed to help the pass rush, but so far he hasn´t even practiced since the beginning of training camp. Is it possible he ends up on IR at some point?

Bryan:I think the hope is to keep Tapper on the active roster until he is healthy. Been working with the trainers the last few practices so that to me is an indication that we will likely see him sooner than later.

David:I doubt he winds up on IR, because if the Cowboys did that, they wouldn't get him back for eight weeks at the earliest. If a rookie pass rusher is out for eight weeks, I have a hard time believing he'll make much of an impact. Tapper appears to be slowly working his way back to practice, but my guess is he'll be a game day inactive for the next few weeks. It's not ideal, but they'll have to find a way to work around it.


We seem to have no one that can handle the middle linebacker position, is there any thought to putting Sean Lee back there?

Bryan:It's not a matter of handling the position, but more that you don't have a physical player at the spot. Say what you want about Rolando McClain, but now you understand why this club went through all the offseason issues with him. They miss that big body inside. No, I don't see them moving Lee back to Mike.

David:We've said this before, but I'd much rather have Lee playing on the weak side, because I think it creates better opportunities for him to make plays. The middle linebacker spot is troublesome, but I thought Justin Durant looked pretty good – if not great – in the second half against the Giants. I assume the Cowboys will platoon that spot as best they can between Durant and Anthony Hitchens.

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