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Mailbag: Upgrading The Safety Position? Problems In Punt Coverage?

The poor tackling angles, lack of play-making abilities and poor awareness are becoming a glaring issue for the safety position. How much of a priority should the Cowboys put into upgrading the safety position?

Bryan: If you are planning on playing Byron Jones at safety that will surely will help the position. If you are playing him at corner then you will need to draft a safety. They could consider playing Jones at safety and pair him with a draft pick like – Jalen Ramsey from Florida State. Couple of different options there.

David:It was extra disappointing, because the safety play was so good last week against Washington, but it regressed so clearly in Green Bay. I think the decision to draft Byron Jones can only help the position – especially once he settles into the position. Church and Wilcox both have one year left on their contract, so I'd expect them to still factor into the future.


What is going on with our blocking on punt returns?  It seemed on every punt return there was a Green Bay player right there to make the tackle as soon as Lucky caught the ball. I believe Lucky can make a real difference on field position (see Redskins game) but obviously needs a chance to run to do so.

Bryan: No way around it – Brandon Carr and Barry Church were awful. Jeff Janis is a nice special teamer but for him to consistently beat double team blocks should not have happened.

David:I'll never forget the start of the fourth quarter. The Cowboys forced Green Bay to punt from their own 17-yard line, and it looked like they'd have fantastic position to try to force a 14-14 tie. Instead, Tim Masthay boomed a 53-yard punt, and the coverage was awful. Lucky Whitehead lost two yards on the return, and Dallas wound up on its own 28-yard line. It's been little things like that which have added up in a lot of these losses.

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