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Mailbag: Upgrading The Talent At WR? How Far Away Are The Cowboys?

Do you see the Cowboys making moves at receiver?  I have been less than impressed with Terrance Williams' consistency.  I think we need another serious threat to complement Dez, and to step up when Dez is out.

Bryan: I feel like Williams has been playing better the last several weeks, but I understand your point. They could address the receiver situation in the draft and that would be some talented ways to do it. Treadwell, Thomas, Coleman and Doctson come to mind. All are very good options.

David:It's hard to criticize the receivers without pointing out that the quarterback play has been bad. That said, there's no denying that the receivers behind Dez Bryant failed to step up this season when they needed to. It's hard to say how high of a priority the wide receiver position is, but I think it'd be smart to try to add some talent to the group.


Most 4-10 teams have no hopes of a Super Bowl in the near future. But with the injuries, this season might not reflect this true team. How far away do you believe the Cowboys really are to competing for a Super Bowl? And what do you think are there biggest need for their first-round pick in the 2016 draft?

Bryan: I don't see this team as one player away but if they had their quarterback they would have been in the playoffs. If you wanted to think about a big picture move – you look at one of these quarterbacks in the draft. Right now, a corner, linebacker and running back make a lot of sense.

David:As is usually the case in the NFL, it's never as obvious looks. The Cowboys aren't as bad as they appear to be in 2015 – and they probably weren't as good as the record indicated in 2014. It's somewhere in between. With Tony Romo, this is probably a playoff team. But in order to be a championship contender, they need to add some more pass rushers, find some genuine playmakers on the back end of the defense and upgrade the talent at running back.

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