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Mailbag: Using All Three RBs? Planning The Rotation At DT?

Are we going to see more of Christin Michael and Rod Smith in the Tampa game? In the Philly game, Darren McFadden seemed to get all the carries.

Bryan: Both got work in practice on Thursday – so I would expect that we will see all three backs play in this game.

David:At this point, I'm going to believe it when I see it. Maybe C-Mike and Smith will combine for a handful of carries this week, or the week after that. But it's pretty evident at this point that Darren McFadden is The Guy in this backfield. The coaching staff isn't afraid to give one guy 25-30 carries, and they certainly feel comfortable letting McFadden handle that.


With Hayden injured and not practicing and with Irving's production lately, is it possible we see Irving and Crawford start this week? If they excel, could you see them remaining the starters and who would you prefer to start at the three-technique?

Bryan: I believe that Hayden will play but his backup will be Jack Crawford. If David Irving is in the game there is a good chance that you would see Tyrone Crawford slide to the one while Irving plays the three.

David:I'm very confident that Irving is going to earn himself some extra snaps – how could he not after last week? I'm not sure he translates that well to the one-technique, though, given the emphasis on clogging the running lanes. My guess is that he rotates into the three-tech.

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