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Mailbag: Using Cap Savings On Free Agents? Impressive Undrafted Players?

I understand locking Zack Martin up long-term is a necessity, but with the additional cap space with the post-June 1 cuts, can we expect the Cowboys to at least kick the tires on a free agent like Darrelle Revis or defensive line help with David Irving facing a suspension?

Bryan:If Revis had anything left he would have been grabbed by now. Stephen Jones is not going to sign a veteran player that his pro guys tell him that is done. Maybe 10 years ago but not today.

David:I really don't think so, no. Over the years, you've seen a pretty clear routine from this front office. They like to let their roster work during the offseason to show what they have. If they have to add veteran help later in the summer, they will. The Cowboys didn't sign Justin Durant until July 18 last year – and that was after it became clear that Rolando McClain wasn't going to be around. If they add a veteran, I doubt it happens any time in the next month.

The Cowboys have a history of finding undrafted rookie free agents who go on to have productive, long NFL careers. Have any undrafted guys caught your eye yet?

Bryan:Not really. I'll be interested to see these linebackers when we get to Oxnard and put on pads. A couple of veteran guys that have shown up are John Lotulelei and Duke Thomas, just watching them move around.

David:Jahad Thomas is the guy I've got my eye on, because he has a versatile skillset and there's room for competition on the back end of the running back depth chart. Unfortunately for him, he's been battling an injury throughout OTAs and hasn't had a chance to show much. Training camp will be these guys' time to shine.


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