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Mailbag: Using More Four Wide Receiver Sets? Harold Landry's Fit In The Scheme?



The argument for the front office not picking Harold Landry always comes back to them passing on T.J. Watt last year and it being because that type of player doesn't fit the scheme. Is there any chance the reason last year had more to do with Watt's huge injury history and the team wanting to pivot towards getting players who could stay on the field?

Bryan: The injury history had nothing to do with it. It was more about the coaches not wanting a project. With Landry you see him putting his hand down and rushing where that wasn't always the case with Watt. I believe that Landry is a strong consideration at 19 if he is still on the board.  

David: I am so curious about what this staff thinks of Harold Landry. I have my doubts that he will fall all the way to No. 19, but if he does, perhaps Watt's success will convince them he is worth a look. I think Landry would be a fantastic addition to this team.



With the emphasis on a "Dak Friendly" offense and the Cowboys taking a look at a fair amount of receivers for the draft, do you see the offense potentially running more 10 personnel?

Bryan:I just feel like that they're trying to get better overall at the position. As a group, they weren't as good as they needed to be and that's really the bottom line.

David:I would really love to see that happen. I am not sure why it makes sense to employ both Cole Beasley and Ryan Switzer if you are not going to use them both. That said, I will believe it when I see it. This is an offense that loves to use fullbacks and multiple tight end sets. I am not quite convinced they are going to completely revamp everything they prefer to do.

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