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Mailbag: Using More Four Wide Receiver Sets? Rookie Position Switch?

With Jason Witten getting older (and slower), Zeke's ability to catch the ball and pass block, and the addition of Ryan Switzer as a second slot guy, can you see the Cowboys running more 4 wide sets (Bryant, Williams, Beasley & Switzer)?

Bryan: I can see Switzer more involved with the offense but not at the expense of Witten. The coaching staff doesn't view Witten like you do. Sure he is older and the speed has faded but they don't want to take him off the field regardless. With the way that he can work underneath it's still a nice option for the mobile quarterback.

David:From the day the Cowboys drafted Switzer, I have been intrigued by the possibilities of 10 personnel – that is, four receivers and one running back. Not only would Switzer and Beasley present a mismatch in the passing game, but consider the personnel a defense would have to use to defend them. Any defense that's defending both Beasley and Switzer would be smart to use either a nickel or dime package, which would then create a fantastic matchup for Ezekiel Elliott to run against. All of that said, I don't expect Jason Witten to come off the field a whole lot. But it sure would be interesting to watch.

So this is kind of an absurd thought I'm sure, but with his size, leverage, and strength, has anyone ever considered giving Dan Skipper a look as a slower, bull rushing type DT who can push the line, get his hands in the air, and generally obscure a QB's view? Would his knowledge of playing the other side be helpful at all in this fantasy transition?

Bryan: I am always a fan of the out-of-the-box thinking, but there is a side of me that believes the coaching staff would like to work with him at offensive tackle. I was concerned that his lack of knee bend was going to be a part of him not playing well, but it wasn't as poor as I saw while he was at Arkansas. A year on practice squad could do him some good.

David:Playing defensive tackle is so much about leverage and getting yourself underneath or around the blocker. I think it'd be extremely hard to do both of those things at Skipper's height – he is 6'10, after all. I think his best bet is to spend a year honing his skills on the offensive line, especially given the talent he has around to help coach him.

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