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Mailbag: Valley Ranch Memories? Most Impressive UDFAs From Minicamp?

This is a little bit unconventional for a question, but with the move to The Star, what are your best memories during your time at Valley Ranch?

Bryan: The players. Guys like Darren Woodson, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Tony Romo, Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware. I had two careers in this building – six years as a scout and seven working on the media side, but it was the players that made this place what it was. It was the interaction that I had with them on both sides that made this a special place. I wish that all fans had the opportunity I had to walk through these doors every day.

David:There isn't a specific memory that jumps to mind. But my favorite thing about working here is how crowded it is – and I mean that in a good way. This is a massive organization, and everyone is sharing the same work space. It leads to a lot of cool experiences, like when you run into Jerry or Stephen Jones in the hallway, or you stop and have watercooler talk with scouts or coaches. My personal favorite might be when a new player confuses my office with the video department and asks me to help him load the playbook onto his iPad – which has happened literally dozens of times. Day-to-day experiences like that made this a great place to work.

It seems like there were plenty undrafted free agents turning heads at OTAs and minicamp. What are the chances Chris Brown, Andy Jones, Rodney Coe or Mike McAdoo make the team? Do you believe any may have high ceilings?

Bryan: You are right about those players. The one thing that Chris Hall has done over the years in the college scouting department is have a quality list of Undrafted College Free Agents to work off of. Brown, Jones and Coe are off that list with McAdoo having a year in the league. Jones continues to get plenty of work with the first offense and Brown is showing up more as well. I thought that Coe might be a little better and with the pads on that might be the case. McAdoo has turned some heads with his ability to capture the edge and I would not be one bit surprised to see him land on the 53.

David:I'm always going to lean toward the defensive line with this team, given that the pass rush is in such dire straits. Remember also that DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory don't count toward the 53-man limit while they're suspended. For those reasons alone, I'll have a close eye on Coe and McAdoo. But Brown and Jones looked outstanding during minicamp specifically. I think there'll be quite a battle for the No. 5 receiver spot.


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