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Mailbag: Value Of Re-Signing Terrance Williams? Concern About RB Depth?

I feel like re-signing Terrance Williams is highly underrated.  I honestly felt like he was going to get a big payday elsewhere and it was really going to hurt us.  How much do you think it means to Dak to have his entire receiving corps back this upcoming year?

Bryan: I was surprised that they got Williams back as well. Any time that you can keep your players together it's a positive sign because of the learning curve. I will say that I believe they will grab a receiver in the draft that has some speed to his game. 

David:You can look back in the archives and find about a dozen instances where I said there was no way Terrance would be back. Good job by both parties for getting a deal done. As to your other point, I think the main benefit of re-signing Terrance is that it keeps the continuity going. If it makes Dak and the rest of the receivers more comfortable, it can't be a bad thing.

Lance Dunbar is signing with the Rams, and we haven't heard anything about Darren McFadden. Considering that Ezekiel Elliott is back in the headlines this week, is running back a bigger need than people are giving it credit for?

Bryan: I don't see losing Dunbar as a bad thing -- but losing Darius Jackson during the season was. This draft is deep at running back so signing McFadden is not a priority to me. I am going to grab one of those guys and feel just fine. 

David:It feels weird to say, because Zeke was the best back in football this year, but the depth behind him is awfully troubling. Alfred Morris is the only other running back on the roster right now, and he was benched during the home stretch of last season. Obviously, Zeke is your bellcow – but the Cowboys have to be worried about his ability to stay out of trouble. If they can get a solid veteran at a fair price, it might not be the worst idea.

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