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Mailbag: Waning Interest In Joey Bosa? Brice Butler's Effect On The Draft?

What has changed since 2 weeks ago. When everyone was predicting we would take Joey Bosa with our 4th pick? Ezekiel Elliott was projected to still be available then. He wasn't supposed to go until the 8th pick to Philly. Why now, do we go after a RB (i.e. Ezekiel Elliott), other than a DE (i.e. Joey Bosa)?

Bryan: What they believed and what the media reported are not the same thing. In the media we tend to connect the dots by thinking just because they have a need at the position they are going to take that guy. If you have been listening to The Draft Show, all we preach is taking the best available player and don't window dress your board. It's clear that their board has other players above Joey Bosa and they are willing to make those selections instead.

David:It's obvious that the Cowboys have an interest in Joey Bosa. They made him one of their 30 official visitors to Valley Ranch, and they flew to Columbus, Ohio to work him out personally. Other than that, it's hard for us to say how much they valued him at No. 4 overall. It's not so much that the Cowboys' line of thinking has changed in the last two weeks – it's that outsiders are just now catching up to the thought process.

Brice Butler is a 6'2 burner with NFL experience and a NFL family background.  He showed us a few flashes of talent last year with no Dez and no Romo. I keep hearing that we need to draft a receiver in this year's draft. Do you think Brice Butler will have an effect on that decision?

Bryan: This receiver group in the draft is too deep not to take a shot at one during some point. The player that might be the odd man out is Devin Street. Need to keep an eye on this off season and see how that all develops.

David:I think Butler is one of the more intriguing variables on this team right now. He showed flashes last year, and he should have every opportunity to earn a larger role for himself. Keep in mind, though, that both he and Terrance Williams are heading for free agency in 2017. I don't think his presence would keep them from drafting a wide receiver they feel good about.


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