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Mailbag: Weak Spot On The Roster? Using Both Beasley & Switzer?

TOM FLYNNBROWNVILLE, NY that the draft dust has settled, I know it's impossible to predict how the rookies and new FA's will play, but as you see it now, what part of this team worries you the most?

David: I know I just spent the last four day praising this draft class, but we've still got to see them deliver on the expectations. For that reason, I'd still have to say the secondary is the most troubling area of this team. We know the offense should be fine, with its seven Pro Bowlers. The defensive line at least has experienced players. No matter how you cut it, the secondary is going to be relying on rookies and guys who aren't used to being full-time starters. Hopefully they're up to the challenge.

Rob:If you haven't yet blocked the nightmare that was 2015 from your mind, I'd say it's still backup quarterback. The Cowboys know all too well the challenges if your starter goes down, and while Kellen Moore showed promise in three appearances that year, the team hopes they never see a snap without Dak Prescott in the game. Moore is coming off an injury that wiped out his entire 2016 season. He has a major supporter in offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, though, and the Cowboys could always look for free-agent help if needed as the year goes on.

How often will you see Beasley and Switzer on the field together? I know they both play the slot. Really like the pick.

David:It's an interesting question, because – to get both Beasley and Switzer onto the field, you're most likely going to have to take Jason Witten off of it. We know Witten doesn't come out of the game very often. But I'm intrigued by the possibility of running "10," or four-wide personnel, because it forces the defense to go smaller – which could be great for Ezekiel Elliott. Hopefully we see the coaching staff try a variety of different looks to get all these guys onto the field.

Rob:Sure, I could see some five-wide sets where both are on the field. And Switzer, a high school running back, has the skill set to handle some of those jet sweeps. Just another option for Prescott in the passing game, but Switzer's best chance to make an impact is as a returner.

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