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Mailbag: Weakest Position On The Roster?; Lawrence Moving To Left End?

With all of this added talent on our roster, what position would consider the weakest link at this point in time?

Bryan: My tune has changed about Brandon Weeden in just a year. I really believed that with more weapons around him that he would be a nice fit. I am not sure that is the case now. Dustin Vaughan is going to get the majority of the work this summer to see if in fact he is ready for the job – if he does show that promise I could see them do something with Weeden and go another direction.

David:The two obvious candidates are cornerback and running back – though I do think the cornerback situation will sort itself out with Brandon Carr and Orlando Scandrick both getting their contract issues resolved. This running back group has the potential to be good, but I'm not buying in just yet. None of the four has proven his ability to be a reliable, every-day player. I need to see something before I believe the Cowboys won't miss DeMarco Murray.


With three legit edge rushers (Hardy, Lawrence, Gregory), I have read that the most likely spot for Lawrence was at left defensive end, but that he played on the right side in college. It seems to me that it would be hard to be great at both sides, since it is like being right or left handed. How hard is the transition for these guys to go back and forth and be effective?

Bryan: This is going to sound strange, but I think that Lawrence will be a better left defensive end than a right -- for the simple reason that he will be rushing a less talented player on that side of the line. Where it will be different for him is the angle in which he will attack the blocker but over time and reps that should not be an issue.

David:With Jeremy Mincey, Randy Gregory and Greg Hardy on the roster, I'm not sure Lawrence is going to be doing a lot of moving back and forth – not in 2015, at least. It should be a bit of a transition for him, but he'll have all spring and summer to work on it before the action starts. Bryan made a great point that it should help him that he won't be facing any left tackles.

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