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Mailbag: Weighing QB Options In The Draft? Trading Up To No. 1?

The Cowboys have tried to shore up every position through free agency.  Running back, D-Line, cornerback, even depth at offensive line. But they curiously have not added any quarterbacks.  So while they may have interest in a QB like Dak Prescott in the later rounds, I think if Carson Wentz is available at No. 4 they turn the card to take him because they have to have more options for now and later at quarterback. What do you think?

Bryan: There is no question that quarterback is in the mix here. When you commit 6 of your 30 visits to a position – you are serious. I wouldn't tie them to just a guy like Prescott or Wentz, you really need to keep an open mind because I feel like they could go several different ways. Fans like to connect the dots because of information they have heard through the media but they are likely think something totally different.

David: I think it's very telling that the Cowboys have opted not to pursue quarterbacks in free agency. Even more telling is that they've invited six quarterbacks – including Wentz – to interview this week at Valley Ranch. It's a safe bet that they plan on drafting a quarterback, but I'm just not sure they want to do it with the fourth pick. Personally, I'm not sold that any of this year's quarterbacks are worth such a high pick.


Why not trade up to take a QB?  I don't think Carson Wentz will be available at the 4th pick. Cleveland wants him, too.

Bryan:I think they are going to be able to sit right there and grab the quarterback they want if that's the route they want to take.

David: Let's say Dallas wanted to trade up to No. 1 overall so they can draft a quarterback ahead of Cleveland. Even though that's a jump of just three spots, it'd be an awfully rich spot to trade into. I wouldn't be surprised if Tennessee wanted a future first-rounder to make it happen. I just can't convince myself it's worth the price it would cost.

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