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Mailbag: What Does The Future Hold For Gregory? Re-Signing Ron Leary?

Now that the suspension that we all figured was looming on the horizon has come down, what are your thoughts on the future of Mr. Gregory?

Bryan: He's young and has shown the willingness to attempt to get help for his addiction. He's not costing you a roster spot or money on the cap. Players have gone away for a period of time and came back better for it (Michael Vick/Plaxico Burress). The biggest challenge for Gregory will be to be away from his teammates and the facility that supports him – that will be a struggle for him and that's a shame.   

David:I can't fathom how the NFL thinks it's a good idea to banish Gregory from the facility for a year, during a time when he's going to need structure and support more than ever. I'm not giving him a pass for his slipups, because he clearly has no one to blame but himself for this situation. But throwing him out of the organization to deal with this on his own hardly seems like a productive decision. Hopefully he can find the self-discipline to make it through the next year. The Cowboys don't lose anything by keeping him around, and I guess we'll see where we're at in January 2018.

It's no secret that Coach Garrett built this team around the O-Line and that unit has been one of our many strengths this year.  With that being said, why is that I get the feeling that Ronald Leary will not be back next year?

Bryan: With La'el Collins returning soon – it makes it a likelihood. Ronald Leary has done nothing but be a pro about the situation this entire season which is a credit to him. He put in the work in the offseason and made himself a better player. He was ready when his number was called and should be paid for that work but just not from this front office.   

David:That's just the way the business of the NFL works. Remember: Jermey Parnell got a three-year, $30 million contract for a less impressive run of play during the 2014 season than what Leary is putting together right now. I expect Leary to get some serious offers during free agency, and I don't know if the Cowboys can match them – especially since they have to pay Zack Martin, and they still have La'el Collins waiting in the wings. I suppose it's possible Leary could find his way back here in 2017, but I'd call it unlikely. That's the price of success in this league.

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