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Mailbag: What If Cleveland Doesn't Draft A QB? State Of The Pass Rush?

What do you believe Dallas will do if Cleveland throws everyone a curve and doesn't take a quarterback?

Bryan:I am assuming you believe that the Browns just took Jalen Ramsey. If that were the case it would be easy to see San Diego trade their selection in front of them, but my gut says that they would be okay even if a quarterback went in front of them. I believe their quarterback will be there as will a defensive end, cornerback and running back.

David: That's a fascinating scenario that I've been thinking about recently. My first guess is that I think you'd see some teams try to scramble and trade with San Diego so they can get ahead of Dallas. San Francisco and Philadelphia both strike me as quarterback-needy teams that might pull the trigger. If not, it could very well set the Cowboys up to draft the quarterback on the board – whoever that may be.


Don't you think the Cowboys have to draft a pass rusher in the draft? The only proven rusher they have is Lawrence. The free agents they have signed have not shown they can collect 8-10 sacks which is what you want out of a defensive end. I also don't understand why fans are down on Bosa. The sack totals were down last year but he absolutely lives in the other team's backfield.

Bryan:There is nothing wrong with Joey Bosa and he is exactly what you say he is. I see him more as a 6- to-8 sack guy and a nice run defender. As long as you see him that way – then you should feel very comfortable with the pick.

David:It would be a mistake to say the Cowboys are set on the defensive line, but I do think their free agency moves have given them some freedom. They don't have to draft a defensive end at No. 4 overall, but the pass rush is still a big concern. I think they'd be well served to spend one of their first three picks on an end. If they take Joey Bosa, that's fine with me.

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