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Mailbag: What If Dallas Had Drafted Carson Palmer? Byron Jones' Future?



I just read Carson Palmer is going to retire. Has anyone ever wondered, what if the Cowboys would have traded up to get him? I mean no disrespect to Terence Newman, he had a underrated career in Dallas. But how can you pass up a guy compares to Troy Aikman?

Bryan: Interesting comment, because I was on the staff that brought Newman here. There is no question a trade up to grab a quarterback would have been the right decision. We went years without one and it was one of the main reasons that Dave Campo didn't have success. The problem with the trade up that year was Cincinnati held the first overall selection and from my experience in scouting, the Bengals were not a club that was willing to make any type of trade. I can't tell you the number of times where I made a call to them only to hear the words "No."

David:Talk about a fascinating "what if" scenario. Palmer was the No. 1 overall pick the same year Tony Romo came out of school. So you can forget about Romo signing in Dallas as an unrestricted free agent. Palmer played seven seasons for Cincinnati, and he never quite lived up to the hype of No. 1 overall, but he did get them to the playoffs twice. It's crazy to think how that might have played out here.



Do you think the couching staff will move Byron Jones back to corner or is he strictly a safety from here on out? I know we needed safety help when they made the move, but he may be better suited to play corner than center field.

Bryan: I believe that Byron Jones will continue to be your safety. The question is will they move Chidobe Awuzie inside and find another cornerback? Awuzie had his moments at corner where he was outstanding but with his physical nature, pairing him with Jones might not only help Jones but the defense as a whole.

David:I don't see any point in trying to once again move Byron – especially if the Cowboys don't pick up the option on his contract and he has just one year remaining on his deal in Dallas. I think it'd be a better idea to keep him at safety and let him continue to handle his different duties. Ideally, the Cowboys can sign or draft some competition for him during the draft this spring. But I think asking him to learn another new position would only hinder his ability to improve.

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