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Mailbag: What If Dallas Let Dez Walk?; Staying Focused On The Giants


Now nobody shoot me right away because I am just throwing this out there. What if Dallas lets Dez walk? Would it be the worst decision ever made? There are a lot of really talented receivers coming in the 2015 draft and Dez is going to want some cap crippling bucks.

Bryan:Nobody is going to shoot you for asking this question, but I think it would be a bad decision. There will be a day where I know the top receivers in this upcoming draft, but right now I could not begin to believe there is a college player, especially if you are selecting in the back end of the draft, that is better than Bryant. The front office has made the journey with him this far and it is now time to finish the job.

David: I see your point, but I disagree with it pretty heartily. Dez isn't just one of the three or four best receivers in the game, he's also the face of this franchise from a marketing and publicity standpoint, and he will be for a long time after guys like Tony Romo and Jason Witten retire. He is a brand in and of himself, and his brand adds plenty to the Cowboys' brand. On top of all of that, he's an incredibly gifted receiver and he has the capability to take over games on his own.  Getting Dez a new contract is the smart business move on multiple levels.

With two weeks off, what can Jason Garrett do to make sure the team doesn't come out flat against the Giants on the road?

Bryan: Well he is practicing them this week a couple of days, but the way the new CBA is, it is required that he has to give them four days off -- so by rule there is nothing he can do. But let me be honest here, this team with the way they have played these first ten games deserves the time away from Valley Ranch. It has been a grind since July and the time away will be good. I don't worry about this team being flat against the Giants they know what is ahead the remainder of the season.

David: The harshness of the home stretch for this team is unfortunate, but to some degree it could work in their favor. When the Cowboys get back from their bye week, they have back-to-back division games – one of them is a road trip to a cold weather city, then they have a very short turnaround before facing the first-place Eagles. Nothing about that sounds like a cakewalk, and I don't think this group will have any problem focusing on business. The schedule is too tough to expect anything less.


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