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Mailbag: What If Romo Threw A Pick To Lose The Super Bowl?; Roster Turnover?

Had the Cowboys gone to the Super Bowl, and it ended the same way, I think that instead of the play call being scrutinized, it would be the ultimate "Romo is a choker" media extravaganza! Any thoughts on this unfair shtick stuck to Romo?

Bryan: I think fans make way too big of a deal of this "Tony Romo is this and Tony Romo is that" in regards to the media. We live in a world where there is always going to be blame especially with our sports. What people tend to forget about Romo and he has even said this himself that for the position he plays and the team he plays for its part of the meal. He takes the good and the bad better than the fans. The minute you understand that he accepts it, is the minute you should do the same.

David:There's no doubt in my mind that Romo would be taking more heat had he thrown the same type of interception to lose the Super Bowl. But you're crazy if you don't think the play call would be criticized. Think back to just this past season, and how furious the reaction was when the Cowboys would opt to throw in short yardage situations, like they did in the loss to San Francisco. On top of that, I think it's currently harder to criticize Russell Wilson than Tony Romo. On top of that, Romo plays the most important position for the most polarizing franchise in the league. He will be treated differently no matter what, and like Bryan said: it just comes with the meal.


Every NFL roster turns over by one third each year. Who are six or seven players who you think will not be a part of the Cowboys next year, who were on the final roster at the end of this year?

Bryan: Let's see if I can give this a crack: Bruce Carter, Sterling Moore, DeMarco Murray, Jermey Parnell, George Selvie and Henry Melton would be my guesses.  

David:Some will be more high profile than others, while some will be the regular types of cuts and changes that happen to every team. As of right now, I think DeMarco Murray, Bruce Carter and Jermey Parnell will all move on for better deals in free agency. I think George Selvie and Henry Melton will move on. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Dwayne Harris sign elsewhere.

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